Choosing the Best Blinds for Rooms in Your Home

Choosing the Best Blinds for Rooms in Your Home Near Greenville, South Carolina (SC)

Your home’s lighting sets the tone of each room. Abundant natural light is welcoming, but can easily become overly bright. Low light can be cozy and inviting, but can also easily become drab and dark. Maintaining a balance of light to create the perfect mood from your home can be achieved by choosing the ideal blinds that allow you to adjust your home’s level of natural light throughout the day to best suit your space. However, not every room of your home should have the same blinds. Some rooms need more light filtered through and others need a good amount of light control to allow more visibility during times when the sun is too bright.

Some rooms, like your kitchen, are great spaces for lots of natural light to flow into the space and illuminate it. A great option for kitchen blinds is a blind that can easily be adjusted to let in plenty of natural light, but can also be closed or adjusted to block out too much sun while allowing an outside view. Hunter Douglas’ collection of Natural Elements™ blinds are a stunning option that filters in the perfect amount of natural light, while also giving you a larger view from your window than regular horizontal blinds.

Other rooms like a bedroom require blinds that can block out natural light completely to encourage rest and keep your room as dark as you’d like while you sleep. Hardwood blinds are a beautiful and timeless option for blocking out light. These naturally dark blinds can be closed and block more light than other aluminum binds. Hunter Douglas’ Parkland® Classics™ are gorgeous, high-quality hardwood blinds that would be perfect for any bedroom. These bedroom blinds come with the de-LIGHT™ option which hides cord holes and any other spot that may let light into your bedroom.

For a space like a living room, what blind you choose will depend on what level of light control your lifestyle demands. Some people enjoy having a brightly-lit living room with natural lighting, while other may prefer low-light that feels cozy and homey. One great option for a living room is vertical blinds. Living rooms often allow for large expanses of windows or sliding doors that lead to back porch access. Windows like these need larger blinds to cover them for privacy and light control. Hunter Douglas’ vertical blinds are available in a stunning variety of materials and can be customized to accommodate your living room’s natural light.

If you’re currently living in or building a home in the Greenville, South Carolina area, Blinds and Us has a fully-stocked Hunter Douglas showroom so you can see for yourself and choose the perfect blinds for each room in your home.