What Materials to Choose for Your Shutters?

What Materials to Choose for Shutters Near Greenville, South Carolina (SC)

Shutters add character to any space with their classic plantation style look. No matter what your interior looks like, shutters are sure to add a homey feel to any space. Shutters, like most window treatments, can be made in a variety of materials for different appearances and purposes. At Blinds & Us of Greenville, we offer this guide for selecting the perfect material for your Hunter Douglas Shutters. Hunter Douglas has three distinct options in shutters, each made from a different material: Palm Beach™ made of vinyl, NewStyle® made of wood/poly hybrid, and Heritance®, made of real hardwood.

Heritance® hardwood shutters are built to be strong and durable. These plantation shutters bring warmth into the home with their real wood appearance and come in a spectrum of stains and finishes. What is especially unique about Heritance® shutters is the six artisan techniques that are employed to further enhance the genuine wood and bring about a distinct finish to them. The available techniques are Glazed, Glazed & Burnished, Classic Distressed, Heirloom Distressed, Rustic and Textured. With these techniques, Hunter Douglas wood shutters can bring an elegant aesthetic into your home. Another benefit of these shutters is the Truemill® Dovetail construction, one of the strongest forms of wood joining available. This process ensures a long lifespan for your shutters so you can enjoy them for years to come. Integra™ finish is a feature where the wood is coated multiple times with a high luster finish, which means minimal upkeep for your wood shutters. If your home is full of children at play, you can rest assured that these window treatments will withstand a little wear and tear.

NewStyle® shutters involve many features that give them a real-wood appearance though they are constructed from man-made materials. If you are looking for a value-priced shutter that mimics the look of wood, NewStyle® may be perfect for you. This hybrid shutter features updates like the FineTech® finish that replicates the warmth and character of wood, including new color options and wider frame selection to accent any décor. UltraGrain™ lends a grain-like appearance that further replicates the look of real wood, while advanced contemporary materials make this shutter just as durable as a hardwood shutter. NewStyle® shutters are energy efficient, making them great for keeping solar heat from entering your home and they add insulation at your windows. Further, they are perfect for both dry and wet climates with the ability to tolerate high humidity and heat.

Palm Beach™ shutters are unique for their Polysatin™ construction, which makes them UV resistant. This attribute makes them guaranteed to never crack, fade, discolor, or warp no matter the amount of moisture or heat exposure, backed by their own PalmBeach™ Promise™. Palm Beach™ shutters are certainly perfect for a beach house, or really any house, in South Carolina. This window treatment not only handles weather conditions but holds up to physical handling as well. Reinforcement with resin blocks and interior aluminum ensures that they will hold up for years of continued use. In addition, they are made with a DuraLux™ finish making them scratch and dent resistant, so you can feel comfortable living everyday life in your home.

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